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Latest NEDSRA News and Announcements
Jeena OlympicsIf you would like to contribute to the Jeena Greenwalt Memorial Scholarship Fund, please click here. Read more about Jeena's tribute here.


NEDSRA provides special recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities.



Volunteers Needed for Tootsie Roll Drive

NEDSRA's SENSORY STATION provides a safe, nuturing, person-centered, supportive environment. It is used to facilitate empowerment, self-organization, relaxation, sensory awareness, communication, reality orientation, activity tolerance, and awareness of self, peers, and surroundings. In addition, using the room can provide de-escalation techniques, stress reductions, and self-control. To sign-up for a time to experience the Sensory Room in June, July or August on a SATURDAY, please click HERE, for a TUESDAY, please click HERE.