Equipment Rentals


At NEDSRA, we have plenty of recreation equipment to take care of all of our programming needs. But while our programs are on hold, our equipment is just sitting there, not doing anyone any good. That’s where you come in. We have a good amount of sporting goods, outdoor recreation and indoor games that we want you to borrow from us while you’re at home. Please provide us with a top 3 list of pieces of equipment you would want to borrow from us to help you get through this quarantine. We will do our best to accommodate all first choices but will let you know if all of your choices are already snatched up. Contact Sean Tovey at with the subject line “NEDSRA Equipment Loan” and give him your top three choices. Get this to Sean by 5:00pm Friday, he will coordinate the equipment on Monday and schedule a pickup at NEDSRA Tuesday morning.
You will be required to sign an Equipment Waiver at pick-up.
Please note that while the equipment will be free for you to take home and use, there will be a $25 fee for equipment returned damaged and a $50 fee for equipment not returned to NEDSRA by June 1, 2020.

Send Sean an email now!